Artificial Intelligence Readiness

for the Telecomunications Industry

Date: 28 February 2018; 09:00 - 17:00h

Location: ITCE Training Center, Business Center Megapark, Tzarigradsko Shosse 115G, fl. 1


ITCE and Centroida deliver in partnership world class AI & Deep Learning training courses which aim to prepare professionals from forward-looking companies to create business value through AI.  

This course provides an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can create value for telecommunications companies. 

Deep Learning neural networks within the machine learning branch of AI represent the most successful innovation yet achieved in the field of AI. Enterprises and vendors alike need to address the implications of AI in their respective sectors to meet the challenges and opportunities that arise from what is likely to be the largest and most profound technology wave yet. Putting together a beginning strategy for AI should be on every organization’s agenda for 2018.  

Price: 210 EUR (excl. VAT)

The training includes: - Training delivery at ITCE’s Training Center - Training materials - Coffee breaks and lunch - Certificate for course attendance  


1. Introduction to AI  

1.1 Differences between traditional software and AI 1.2 AI, analytics and Big Data 1.3 Capabilities of AI 1.4 Limitations of AI  

2. Applications of AI in Telecommunications  

2.1 Product definition and suggestion systems 2.2 FaceID authentication 2.3 Log mining 2.4 Hardware defects identification  

3. Requirements for implementing AI  

3.1 Making computers learn 3.2 Data requirements 3.3 Computational requirements  

4. AI infrastructure  


Alexander Kolev

Alexander Kolev  

CTO at Centroida

Hristo Georgiev

Hristo Georgiev  

Co-founder & Team Lead Training & Consulting at Centroida

Angel Kelchev

Angel Kelchev

CEO at Centroida


  • Recognize how AI can deliver more value to business than traditional analytics, big data and data mining.  
  • Get a sufficient but comprehensive knowledge of what the different fields in AI - Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Become aware of the capabilities Deep Learning. 
  • Evaluate the use of AI capabilities to drive change and resolve business issues and how to maximize its effect in your organization. 
  • Identify the required hardware and software infrastructure needed for setting up an AI project.
  • Define the essential areas on implementing AI projects including practical steps and common challenges.
  • Locate different frameworks and core technologies for implementing AI. 
  • Identify areas where AI can affect organizational behaviors. 
  • As a leader, learn how to construct organizational structures, practices and human capital to prepare your organization for AI adoption.  


Dive into AI and learn the essentials to get you started with your first projects. Get answers to your questions from the experienced trainers and group discussions.  

AI Readiness for Telecommunications Training

Wednesday, February 28th at ITCE Training Center

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ITCE is a leading provider of IT & Management training and consulting solutions, helping enterprises transform their IT departments in providing high quality services to the business units and enable them to be more effective in their everyday work.  

Centroida is a AI-as-service (AIaaS) company focused on enabling enterprises to leverage the power of AI by creating custom Deep Learning applications and setting up infrastructure to support them. 

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